BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust creates education campaigns for consumers that shed light on tactics used by scammers and their impact on the marketplace. See below to learn more about these campaigns and share available resources with your network.


Slow Down. Stay Aware. Watch Out for Red Flags.

BBB Institute has partnered with Zelle to launch a new consumer education campaign aimed at empowering people to spot and avoid scams. The campaign—Slow Down. Stay Aware. Watch Out for Red Flags.—highlights four red flags that can help people avoid losing money and personal information to scammers.



Impersonation Scams

Better Business Bureau and Amazon, a BBB Accredited Business, partnered in 2022 on a consumer education campaign to help people avoid impersonation scams. View helpful videos, learn how these scams work, and find out how to protect yourself.


Shop Safe. Shop Smart.

BBB Institute and Facebook partnered on a consumer education campaign during the 2020 holiday season to spread critical information and help consumers avoid losing money to scams. The campaign featured a holiday-themed microsite, and included ads, banners and a video on Facebook, as well as media coverage.