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BBB Institute is excited to announce our newest program seeking to create national partnerships that protect consumers – the BBB Institute Corporate Trust Council. The Corporate Trust Council is a coalition of select companies that have joined with the BBB Institute to foster a trustworthy marketplace by providing their expertise, resources, and funding support.

  • Identify new threats to a trustworthy marketplace and create strategies to address them.
  • Work together to deliver programs, resources, and tools to protect consumers and build trust between consumers and businesses in the marketplace.
  • Engage new partners that can enhance the work of the BBB Institute and the Corporate Trust Council.

Current members include Amazon and Capital One, and these partnerships are already hard at work in fostering initiatives to protect today’s consumer. BBB Institute is working with these companies to build and upgraded BBB Scam Tracker; the new platform will be released in September 2022. The new BBB Scam Tracker includes a guided reporting experience, a mobile-first focus, an improved search functionality, and updated back-end technology that enables the organization to share data with fraud-fighting partners.

BBB Institute seeks partners in the corporate sector that share our passion for fostering a marketplace that is trustworthy and accessible for all. Please contact BBB Institute at [email protected] for more information.