BBB Institute will unveil a new version of its BBB Scam Tracker platform ( this year with support from Amazon and Capital One. The consumer reporting platform was launched in 2015 to enable people to: 1) determine if they are experiencing a scam by reading reports submitted by others and avoid losing money by ending the engagement, and/or 2) submit a scam report to help protect others. 

BBB Scam Tracker has had a significant impact: 

  • Helping consumers determine if they are experiencing a scam and thus avoid losing money. In 2021 alone, we estimate BBB Scam Tracker helped people avoid losing $31.4 million.
  • Informing more consumers about the latest scammer tactics and signs of fraud. In 2021, about 1.6 million people visited the BBB Scam Tracker website to report scams and/or learn if they were experiencing a scam. Data from BBB Scam Tracker has enabled us to create timely and critical research that has been used to deliver effective consumer education campaigns. 
  • Publishing timely research. Data provided through BBB Scam Tracker also empowered BBB Institute to produce timely research and effective consumer education resources aimed at empowering people and stopping scammers. The recent 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report is the latest research report. You can find all our reports online
  • Sharing out data with law enforcement and corporate/nonprofit partners. The data enables our partners to identify and shut down some of the bad actors stealing money from innocent people and tarnishing the names of legitimate businesses. 

The new platform will provide an improved user experience. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.