The 2022 Fighting Financial Fraud (FFF) program, a partnership between FINRA Investor Education Foundation and BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, is off to a great start! Through this partnership, we want to empower consumers and business owners to spot the signs of a financial scam, recognize scammer behaviors, and know where to go to verify registered investment professionals. We know prevention is key—by sharing stories and information with friends and loved ones, everyone is better equipped and less likely to be victimized by fraud. Investment scams can have long-lasting consequences,  including the loss of one’s life savings or retirement funds. In the first quarter, for the first time ever, we have selected five FFF Champions who will support all regions of the United States with this programming. Our other new program is Fighting Financial Fraud focusing on the young consumer population. Our 2021 Risk Report shows that young people continue to become more prominent targets, losing more money, and we want to instill early the practices that will keep them safe from scams and fraud. We are very excited to be training new BBB staff on the FFF program again this year.  Click here for more information on our FFF program!