Better Business Bureau (BBB) believes it’s important to engage the next generation of workers and ensure they have a foundational knowledge and understanding of ethical business behaviors. An ethical workforce is critical to building a trustworthy marketplace.

Today, BBBs offer a variety of ethics programs for youth in the United States and Canada. Through these programs students learn how to apply honesty, fairness, and other important character traits to real-life situations as they move through the educational system and eventually enter the working world.

This year, several BBBs that offer ethics programs in their communities have joined together with BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, BBB’s educational foundation, to build a unified program that will provide students with the tools they need to make good decisions that will put them on a path to success in their working and personal lives. We aim to launch the new program in 2021.

We Seek Input from Businesses: Take the Survey Today!

BBB seeks critical feedback about the needs and challenges facing businesses that are recruiting new hires, particularly from the Generation Z and Millennial generations. Please take five minutes to fill out our online survey about the most important characteristics and skills your business seeks in new employees. Your feedback will help us ensure our new ethics program effectively educates youth on the importance of values in ethical decision making and addresses the challenges companies currently face in their hiring practices today.

If you have any questions about the new program or the survey, please contact [email protected].