For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has been recognizing businesses that demonstrate integrity and performance. Today, more businesses are integrating social impact into their business plans. By connecting purpose to their bottom lines, these organizations are reshaping economies and reinvigorating communities. By choosing a higher purpose, businesses can make significant social and/or environmental impacts in their communities.

BBB Introduces the BBB4Good Initiative

To address this growing new sector of the marketplace, BBB Institute partnered with local BBBs to launch the BBB4Good initiative to support and elevate purpose-driven businesses. In partnership with our network of BBBs located in communities throughout North America, BBB4Good works to:     

  1. Empower consumers to identify purpose-driven businesses,
  2. Spotlight, recognize and support organizations that integrate social impact into their business plans, and
  3. Expand the growth of this powerful new marketplace sector via new research and partnerships with like-minded organizations that are providing critical support to purpose-driven businesses.


More Consumers Are Seeking Purpose-driven Businesses

Mapping the Purpose Sector: Take the BBB4Good Survey

Through the BBB4Good Initiative, we are collecting data about purpose-driven businesses in communities across North America to provide timely information for consumers. This information will bolster the data BBB already provides about businesses and charities via the website. Purpose-driven businesses will have the opportunity to upload their organizations to our platform so consumers can locate them in their communities.

Is your business driven by a higher purpose? Make sure BBB has included you in our database and consumers can find you.

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Celebrating & Recognizing Purpose-driven Businesses

BBBs have recognized ethical businesses for many years with the International Torch Award for Ethics. In 2019, we launched the BBB Spark Award, which recognizes business owners 35 and under or business owners of any age operating for less than three years who demonstrate a higher level of character, a culture that is authentic about its mission, and a deep connection with their community.