At any age and every stage, entrepreneurs lead businesses that are the future and fabric of a trustworthy marketplace. The BBB Spark Award, a Torch Award for Entrepreneurship, recognizes business owners 35 and under or business owners of any age operating for less than three years who demonstrate a higher level of character, a culture that is authentic about its mission, and a deep connection with their community.



Organizations are selected based on Character, Culture, and Community:

  • Character: Leaders must be teachable and open to growing with ideas. Leaders habitually seek the truth, are open to criticism, and know that their own personal development is never complete. Ethical leaders also empower their employees to be intentional in their personal and professional development.
  • Culture: Constructive workplace cultures help teams work toward their goals, and establish guidelines that hold each member, including leadership, accountable while praising valuable team players. As a result, successful teams are able to create structures, adapt to change, and continually encourage opportunities for all staff members. Progressive cultures set ethical ways for a business to problem solve, resolve conflict, and inspire evolution.
  • Community: Notable entrepreneurial organizations show appreciation for their communities by enthusiastically giving back. Businesses should make efforts to eagerly support their communities by contributing to and encouraging an ethical marketplace. Community-inspired businesses help their environment, stakeholders, and community membership by reinvesting and volunteering.

Interested in Applying?

Reach out to your local BBB to learn more about the BBB Spark Award. You can locate your local BBB via our online BBB directory.