Experiencing a scam can be a frightful and lonely experience. It’s natural to feel betrayed, embarrassed and want to keep the experience to ourselves. This is exactly what scammers want—to isolate you from your loved ones so they can continue to victimize your neighbors, friends and family.

With military consumers losing 27% more when victims of scams1, we must take action. We have to work together to fight back against fraudsters and raise awareness about recent scams and scammer tactics.

That’s why at the Better Business Bureau, we honor BBB Scam Tracker heroes: those who bravely share their story, regardless of whether they lost money or not. Our research shows that half of those who report a scam did so to warn others, and nearly 80% reported that knowing about scams and scammer tactics helped prevent them and their loved ones from falling victim.2

Our crowd-sourced tool allows you to zero in scams in your backyard, or search for scams like ones you’ve experienced in the past. And reporting a scam that targeted you enables you to help us alert others so they can avoid falling prey.

Click to view the full article on BBB.org, where you'll read three critical fraud-fighting tips from brave military consumers that shared their stories recently in BBB Scam TrackerSM.