It’s not easy finding the right job that fits into your busy life. Scouring job boards for opportunities that let you pursue your passions while allowing the flexibility you need to take care of your family takes an emotional toll, and can be extremely stressful the longer it takes. This stress is compounded further for military spouses seeking a new opportunity after PCSing. estimates that service members and their families spend an average of $1,725 in non-reimbursable costs after each move, which can quickly drain one’s savings. Those transitioning out of the service also feel this pressure as they look to translate their valuable skills into civilian careers.

This leaves the door open to scammers looking to make some quick cash at the expense of those who have already given so much. We receive thousands of reports per year from active-duty service members, military families, and veterans through our crowd-sourced scam reporting tool, BBB Scam TrackerSM, and we look to these reports to spot trends and educate military consumers on what’s happening in communities across North America. Of those that shared their story on BBB Scam Tracker, 15 percent of those reporting an employment scam lost money. The median loss was $1,715—nearly double that reported across all consumers.