The BBB Center for Character Ethics creates highly effective assessment, training and best-practice recognition programs designed to advance trust in small to mid-size businesses. We believe trust cannot be bought or sold—it must be earned. An ethical culture is cultivated by organizational leaders and requires constant attention and evaluation. If you’re looking to lead your business to success with a foundation in trust, we encourage you to review our program and resources.

Leadership TRUST! Review

The Leadership TRUST! Review is a self-review for the company leader. It has been designed to provide an excellent starting point to assess the extent to which your focus may be required to advance a culture of high trust, a high performance ethical enterprise.


Organizational leaders need to be intentional and take action to build and foster a culture of trust. These six TRUST! Principles were born out of hundreds of interviews, observations and years of working with small, medium and large organizations. 

  • Transformation at the Top
  • Reinforce and Build
  • Unite the Team
  • Steer Performance
  • Treasure People
  • ! - Enthusiastically Give Back

The BBB TRUST! Assessment is a comprehensive, all-employee tool for organizations to gain insight into their culture and ethical awareness. The responses highlight both areas for celebration and improvement, and offer suggested next steps for building a trust-advancing culture supported by leadership.

The TRUST! Assessment is:

Easy: Employees are directed to a unique, company confidential URL.

Quick: It takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Confidential: Anonymous responses are used to generate a summary report.

Affordable: Organizations pay $50 - $600 based on company size.

Turnkey: Employee communication templates are provided along with simple instructions to help initiate the survey, interpret the results, and guide plans for building an even more ethical enterprise.

Powerful: The survey can be taken annually, with comparative data and trend data subsequently available to help companies monitor progress and results.

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 Character ethics are self-evident truths that when acted on consistently, produce conscionable behaviors, including: compassionate acts, honest answers and just decisions. If you’re a manager or organizational leader seeking to inspire teams to be more productive, innovative, problem-solving and collaborative, this framework is for you.

BBB's UncommonSense Framework is divided into four leadership descriptors:
• Principled & Genuine
• Values Others
• Seeks Results
• Displays Growth