BBB Institute welcomes cy pres designations of unclaimed settlement funds from class action lawsuits, which we use to help create a trustworthy marketplace where consumers and businesses engage and prosper.

Cy pres awards have enabled us to spread awareness about confusing or misleading advertising claims to more than 217 million people through the AdTruth public service campaign, and build the BBB AdTruth reporting tool to enable consumers to report problematic ads. 

Our work covers a wide range of consumer and business-related issues such as digital literacy, scam/fraud prevention, mitigating bias in the digital space, and identifying questionable claims in advertising. With our network of BBBs across North America, we provide educational programs for a wide range of consumer groups, including the military, veterans, students, seniors, and many others.

We hope you will consider BBB Institute as a nominee for a cy pres designation. If you have any questions about BBB Institute’s work to empower consumers and support responsible businesses, please contact Melissa Trumpower at mtrumpower [at]