The (BBB) Students of Integrity Scholarship Awards Program is a future workforce program supported by the Center for Character Ethics that selects and honors high school students who personify high character through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity and academic history. Established in 2002, the Students of Integrity Awards Program asks high school counselors/principals in the service area to select one student in the junior class to submit an entry for the scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to ten (10) students in their senior year and are used towards their first semester at their choice of college or university.

Entries are reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of business leaders and members of the academic community. Judges select recipients based on leadership, contributions to their communities and schools, personal and integrity, and a written essay based on BBB’s UncommonSense framework.


The goal of the greater BBB ethics programs is to provide character ethics resources, not only for the current workforce, but also for the future of the business world; our students. The goal of the Students of Integrity Scholarship Award Program is to build a solid foundation of character in our young people, who will become the business leaders of tomorrow, paving the way for a more ethical, trusting and productive future. In addition, through the UncommonSense framework and the students’ self-examination and documentation on its various convictions, it calls to the forefront the importance of acting with integrity intentionally. The Students of Integrity Program is positioned to recognize the most outstanding students within local community high schools.


The Students of Integrity Program is intended to engage students with self-examination and reflection based on their efforts academically, within their community, their leadership based on the principles in the UncommonSense framework. The Students of Integrity Program is positioned as a recognition program that honors the students who have achieved success based on the program criteria.

Recognition for students can be coupled with the Torch Awards for Ethics Award event, allowing the student recipients to see outstanding companies within the community who are operating at a high ethical caliber while at the same time allowing attendees and Torch Award for Ethics recipients to meet the outstanding future leaders from within the community.


Joan Coughlin, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations
Better Business Bureau serving Central Ohio

Ms. Coughlin joined Better Business Bureau in 2002 and is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. She serves as the chief media contact and spokesperson and is responsible for overseeing strategic marketing, communications and related activities for the BBB.