The function of the LOCAL TRUST CONSULTANT program is to provide skilled leadership or organizational development consulting to BBB’s desiring to use the TRUST Summit, or TRUST Forum or TRUST Assessment programs.

This local center Trust Consultant Guide includes tools to establish the critical conversations that centers need to have with targeted consultants. These tools include:

  1. Standardized Trust Assessment Results Briefing and Services Briefing,
  2. Local Trust Consultant Vetting Criteria & Optional National Center Consultants Orientation,
  3. SAMPLE local center Trust Consultant Memo of Understanding,


The ultimate goal of the program is to move more and more clients not only into the Torch Award for Ethics recognition pipeline but into a future TRUST! Certification status for qualified firms. (Standards to be determined). The program seeks to magnify a local BBB ethics awareness objectives and grow the trust toolbox without adding significant costs.


The mission of Local TRUST Consultant is to provide highly effective assessment and TRAINING/ CONSULTING designed to advance marketplace trust that target both individuals and enterprises in their service areas.

There are two complementary and critical reasons for this DESIGN:

LIMITED CAPACITY: Each BBB must allocate limited resources towards the activities to which the BBB culture and capacity is most aligned. Consulting leaders for personal and culture change is a heavy lift that requires highly experienced and skilled professionals and is outside the scope of traditional BBB proficiency.

EXPANDING CAPACITY: By referring BBB Trust Assessment clients to professional consulting independent affiliates, we are able to multiply our capacity to increase awareness of (and number of) more highly qualified Torch Award for Ethics candidates, resulting in better businesses and greater celebration and education in applied leadership character and organizational ethics in our service area.