Firms generate trust, first internally and then in the marketplace. Trust begins with, and is manifested through, the character of an organization’s leaders. Consequently, the BBB focuses communications and programming TOWARDS the leaders (owners, CEO’s, and President’s) of organizations rather than starting with employees.

The Trust Forum is a series of facilitated luncheon meetings with the leaders of 10-15 different local organizations. This Forum is a means of introducing local leaders to the BBB and its ethics Frameworks and programming. Participants should be limited to Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, or Chief Operating Officers. The Forum attempts to create open dialogue and free expression which will likely not happen if the participants are not all of the perceived same level.


A FORUM is hosted by the BBB CEO and professionally facilitated by an organizational or leadership development consultant (SEE Local TRUST Consultant Program).  Ideal leadership attendees lead local firms that range in size from 25-500 employees (leaders of smaller firms with 15 or so employees are certainly welcome to participate).

The FORUM seeks to expand relationships and share best practices that create ethical cultures among Owner’s, CEO’s, and President’s of local firms. The FORUM dynamics are designed to expand the number of leaders who are intentional about creating and growing trustworthy enterprises and committed to supporting ethical business practices in the local area.


Each Forum should have 10-20 participants; fewer than 10 or more than 20 is problematic. Too few participants will not generate sufficient ideas and practice examples and too many prohibits free dialogue and exchange.

Each Forum is designed as 4 meetings; each meeting is a 2-hour luncheon. The sessions could be at other times but the belief is that most executives can schedule meetings over lunch and have fewer demands on their noon time schedule.