The Center for Character Ethics

The Institute's Center for Character Ethics exists primarily to serve local BBB's and to help you fulfill your role to become  your service area's undisputed "GO TO" source for any question or BBB resource on the subject of leadership character and organizational ethics.

Whether you choose to adopt one of our BBB-branded ethics programs or many, or whether you choose to adopt the "Center for Character Ethics" brand to amplify your local ethical expertness or not...we are here to help you succeed in our mutual BBB goal of "Building Better Businesses & Inspiring Future Leaders" with applied ethics.



From 1994-2014 over 50 BBB’s strived to map a course for a local BBB to become its community’s expert to strengthen the basic building blocks of TRUST: leadership character and organizational ethics. For over 20 years, like-minded BBB’s, universities, foundations and the CBBB co-funded, co-developed, co-field-tested and now jointly grown a suite of 7 BBB-branded ethics programs for business leaders and educators. In 2016 the National Center for Character Ethics was recognized by the CBBB's Institute for Marketplace Trust as a BBB’s center of excellence with a focus on leadership character and organizational ethics advancement going forward.


To advance free enterprise and self-regulation locally and nationally among leaders and educators by providing applied research, training, and best practice recognition in leadership character and organizational ethics through a national collaboration of BBB experts and co-practitioners.


The National Center exists to: 1) help local BBB’s establish their local ethics programs by adopting one or all seven of the Center’s suite of ethics-strengthening program offerings (and hopefully found their own local Center for Character Ethics), and 2) help the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust to achieve our  mission to advance national ethics-based trust resources globally.


Chip Weiant serves as the director of the BBB National Center for Character Ethics which earned the 2008 Templeton Freedom Award in Ethics & Values and the 2014 Top 100 Thought Leaders from Trust Across America. Chip is a senior fellow and director of the Sagamore Institute’s Center for Civic Character in Indianapolis: a non-partisan, non-profit think tank providing leadership character ethics, character-based collaboration and community-building resources.  Prior to joining the BBB in 2013 Weiant served 30 years as a senior management executive in three privately held firms, as CEO of CompassUSA, a leadership development and project management consultancy and as Grant Program Chair for the George Edward Durell Foundation for Free Enterprise in Columbus, OH.  


Below are our most used and important downloadable resources including our national and local center brochures and our two frameworks that inform all of our programs: the BBB UncommonSense Framework for strengthening interpersonal leadership character and the BBB TRUST! Framework for strengthening organizational ethics practices.