The Leadership TRUST! Review is a self-review for the company leader. It has been designed to provide an excellent starting point to assess the extent to which your focus may be required to advance a culture of high trust, a high performance ethical enterprise.

In recent years, research has indicated that companies that have a reputation of being “worthy of trust” also tend to have better performance, more loyal employees, higher levels of productivity, greater levels of innovation, a competitive advantage, and attract and retain excellent employees.

It is also clear from the research that such organizational trust is not accidental, but emanates from the personal character ethics of the organization's leader(s). The leader's “trust-building culture” or “way of doing things” then gets transferred (intentionally through modeling) to staff through the leader's repeated leadership and management practices in 6 distinct zones. These practices, which we call “TRUST!”, generate trust which radiates among customers, vendors and the community.

The pursuit of building a culture of trust is within the leader's control… In small organizations (of 10 or fewer employees) the leader knows each employee and communicates with them personally several times during a week or month. Consequently, the leader has:

1) a knowledgeable perspective of how the organization functions,
2) can tell which trust-building, ethical enterprise practices are really in place, and
3) has the power to CHANGE the culture.

This simple attached self-review for the small company leader (done honestly) can provide an excellent starting point to assess the extent to which your focus may be required to advance a culture of high trust, a high performance ethical enterprise. Improvement starts with clarity…