We help military service members, veterans and their families protect their assets, plan for the future, and prosper in a trusted marketplace.

Why It Matters

  • Service members, veterans and their families lose 46% more money when victims of a scam than non-military consumers.1
  • The Better Business Bureau receives tens of thousands of business complaints each year from military consumers, and that number has been rising year over year as unethical businesses target and pressure these consumers into unfair deals.2
  • The industries associated with business complaints and scams reported by military consumers to BBB reflect the unique marketplace challenges associated with life in the military.3
  • We believe that supporting financial readiness helps protect military consumers so they can continue to serve and feel confident in a trustworthy marketplace.

How We Help

 Scam Awareness & Prevention
  • Tips and articles on how to spot signs of a scam and take action.
  • BBB's online prevention and reporting tool, BBB Scam Tracker.
  • Monthly e-newsletter, Saluting Trust, featuring “how to” articles on avoiding scams and taking control of their finances (distributed to over 10,000 military and veteran subscribers). SIGN UP TO RECEIVE SALUTING TRUST.
 Financial Readiness
  • Workshops and presentations offered by BBBs across the nation on buying a car, buying a home, investing for retirement and planning for higher education.
  • Tips and articles on how to protect assets and save for the future.
  • Resource list of financial readiness partners that serve military and veteran communities.
 Consumer Services
  • At-a-glance list of BBB services for military consumers that help them make the most of their resources and feel confident in the marketplace.
  • Resource list of additional organizations and partners that support the well-being of service members, veterans and their families.

Our Impact


2 Based on complaints reported to the BBB between 2016 and 2022