We help military service members, veterans and their families protect their assets, plan for the future, and prosper in a trusted marketplace.

Why It Matters

  • Service members, veterans and their families are more likely to be targeted for scams, and lose 27% more money than the average consumer.1
  • Complaints by military consumers have risen by 30%, as unethical businesses target and pressure these consumers into unfair deals.2
  • More than three in four service members have financial worries, and service members are two to three times more likely to exhibit worrisome financial behaviors.3
  • We believe that supporting financial readiness helps protect military consumers so they can continue to serve and feel confident in a trustworthy marketplace.

How We Help

 Scam Awareness & Prevention
  • In-person workshops on scams, ID theft and investment fraud.
  • Tips and articles on how to spot signs of a scam and take action.
  • Crowd-sourced scam empowerment tool, BBB Scam Tracker.
  • Monthly e-newsletter featuring “how to” articles on avoiding scams and taking control of their finances (distributed to 16,000 military and veteran subscribers).
 Financial Readiness
  • Workshops and presentations offered by BBBs across the nation on buying a car, buying a home, investing for retirement and planning for higher education.
  • Tips and articles on how to protect assets and save for the future.
  • Resource list of financial readiness partners that serve military and veteran communities.
 Consumer Services
  • At-a-glance list of BBB services for military consumers that help them make the most of their resources and feel confident in the marketplace.
  • Resource list of additional organizations and partners that support the well-being of service members, veterans and their families.

Our Impact


2 Based on complaints reported to the BBB between 2017 and 2018