Ways You Can Get Involved

BBB Institute’s programs empower consumers and promote better business practices. Your engagement enables us to foster increased trust between consumers and businesses, which helps everyone prosper together.

Below are a few ways you and your organization can get involved.

Become a BBB Institute Partner

BBB Institute works with companies to empower all consumers, especially those most vulnerable. Join forces with BBB Institute to foster a trustworthy marketplace. Together, we’ll give consumers the knowledge and tools they need to make educated decisions about their money and avoid losing it to fraudsters.

We also promote better business practices and provide research, insights and education materials to help small business owners and entrepreneurs foster trust in their communities.


The Institute for Marketplace Trust offers companies and organizations a number of ways to partner:


Become a Corporate Trust Council Member 

The Corporate Trust Council is a coalition of select companies that have joined with BBB Institute to foster a marketplace that is trustworthy and accessible for all by providing their expertise, resources, and funding support. 

Work with us to create and execute projects that support a trustworthy marketplace. Find out more here.

Contact MTrumpower [at] IABBB.org
 for additional information on becoming a partner.


Research Collaborations

Quality research about challenges facing a trustworthy marketplace is critical to protecting consumers and leveling the playing field for legitimate businesses. BBB Institute welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with organizations and universities interested in publishing new insights that empower us to foster a fair and trustworthy marketplace for all consumers and ethical businesses.

Past collaborations include:
- New Insights into Demographic Groups More Vulnerable to Scams (2021): collaboration with
University of Minnesota and the University of Southern California
- Exposed to Scams: What Separates Victims from Non-Victims? (2019): collaboration with FINRA Foundation, Stanford Center on Longevity and Federal Trade Commission

If you are interested in exploring how you could work with us, please contact BBB Institute at Institute [at] IABBB.org.


Make a Donation

If you share our vision and believe in a more trustworthy marketplace, consider supporting us on a one-time or recurring basis. Your dollars help us magnify our impact in small towns and big cities across North America. >DONATE HERE

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