What Is the Corporate Trust Council?

The Corporate Trust Council is a coalition of select companies that have joined with BBB Institute to foster a marketplace that is trustworthy and accessible for all by providing their expertise, resources, and funding support. These companies share our passion for strengthening better businesses and helping people avoid scams through education.

The Corporate Trust Council seeks to:

  • Build a community of better businesses by establishing best practices and delivering educational resources.
  • Identify new threats to a trustworthy marketplace and create strategies to address them.
  • Deliver programs, resources, and tools to protect consumers and build trust between consumers and businesses in the marketplace.


Corporate Trust Council members include:


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Corporate Trust Council initiatives:

  • Zelle partnered with BBB Institute on a consumer education campaign in 2023 to highlight tactics commonly used by scammers and to recommend that people “Slow down. Stay smart. Watch out for red flags.” 
  • BBB Institute and Amazon partnered on a consumer education campaign in 2022 to help people avoid losing money to impersonation scams by remembering to “Ask Why. Verify.” 
  • Amazon and Capital One partnered with BBB Institute to build an upgraded BBB Scam TrackerSM in 2022, featuring a guided reporting experience, a mobile-first focus, improved search functionality, and updated technology that enables data sharing with fraud-fighting partners. 
  • BBB Institute and Facebook partnered on a consumer education campaign during the 2020 holiday season to spread critical information and help consumers avoid losing money to scams. 

How To Get Involved:

Please contact Joan Giovanni at [email protected] for more information.