Help Us Map the Purpose Sector and Provide Critical Support to Purpose-Driven Businesses

BBB seeks to partner with like-minded organizations interested in supporting purpose-driven businesses. We believe businesses can offer innovative ways to solve some of our most complex social issues while at the same time reinvigorating communities and local economies. Advancing this sector of the marketplace requires a multi-sector effort.

BBB Institute is bringing together committed leaders from a wide array of organizations interested in using their knowledge and expertise to advance the Purpose Sector. We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations from all sectors.

  • Nonprofit Partners: Nonprofits serving communities across North America are helping us reach out to purpose-driven businesses to better understand the full breadth of the sector, the social causes they are advancing, and how we can help them. 
  • Corporate Partners: We seek partnerships with companies interested in advancing the Purpose Sector and/or the BBB4Good program. 

BBB4Good partners can join with BBB Institute and BBBs working throughout North America to help support purpose-driven businesses. A few examples of how we can work together include:

  • Joint educational opportunities.
  • Content sharing. 
  • Sponsorship/funding opportunities.
  • Joint thought leadership opportunities. 
  • Joint programmatic opportunities.

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about BBB4Good partnership opportunities, please contact Melissa Trumpower at mtrumpower[at]