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High character people accept change and seek personal improvement over time. They seek to apply their wisdom to their actions and develop habits of good character. They do not persist with habits and behaviors that are wrong or of low character. This maturation takes time and requires practice and perseverance. (Observable virtues: positive change, healthy growth, wise choices).


High character people exhibit consistent, positive, and intentional commitment to high character.As people adopt these habits of strong character ethics, and they strive to display them in their actions, they are transformed. While no one is perfect, high character people find a way to make a habit of pursuing what is good and true and correspondingly, also find a way to avoid what is wrong and/or destructive. If we are on a path to ethical maturity, we tend to more quickly self-correct or accept the critique of others and make changes. The development of high character best grows in environments that involve accountability, self-discipline, and sacrifice. (Observable virtues: high character, ethical, conscientious).

Persevering as a character-builder is the only thing that is truly 100% within every leader's personal control. This means there is hope for personal change today that is not dependent on change in others or in our circumstances. Our conscience drives our convictions; these convictions drive our conduct, regardless of our past, our current circumstances or setting that are non-supportive, cynical or hostile.

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  • UncommonSense

    UncommonSense Framework

    A framework of ethical characteristics, or defined "character ethics" – that support effective leadership and positive, flourishing relationships.
  • TRUST! Assessment

    TRUST! Assessment


    An excellent all-employee tool for organizations to gain a diagnosis and determine next steps for building a trust-advancing culture.

  • TRUST! Framework

    TRUST! Framework

    Trust in the marketplace is a direct result of how well high character individuals employ highly competent business practices to create a trustworthy business. Learn the six TRUST! principles.

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