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  • BBB Smart Investing

    BBB Smart Investing

    BBB Smart Investing provides consumers with the knowledge to invest wisely and the tools and resources to secure their financial future. Since 2012, BBB Smart Investing has reached over 35,000 individuals and provided information and resources to encourage smart investing through meaningful and dynamic training.

  • Military and Veterans

    BBB Military Line

    We believe that "Knowledge is Power" and "Financial Readiness equals Mission Readiness." Through BBB Military Line consumer education program and our web-based and mobile technology endeavors, we work to bring financial literacy to a most deserving segment of our population.

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  • Financial & Digital Literacy

    Financial & Digital Literacy

    Navigating today’s complex financial and digital landscape.

    Through cutting-edge programs on navigating the world of finance and the Internet, BBBI gives consumers the training and practical knowledge they need to engage in the marketplace safely and confidently. 

  • Consumer Protection

    Consumer Protection

    Alerting consumers about fraud, scams, and deceptive ads.

    Combating deceptive and dishonest practices is at the heart of our mission to build marketplace trust. Through educational programs such as BBB AdTruth, our scam reporting tool, BBB Scam Tracker, and research that illuminates new ways to address these challenges, we are dedicated to creating a marketplace where fair and honest practices are recognized and rewarded and subpar marketplace behavior is exposed.

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  • Center for Character Ethics

    Center for Character Ethics

    The BBB Center for Character Ethics is dedicated to providing practical character ethics and helping to build ethical enterprises. Explore the Centers tools and resources that can assist building a trustworthy business culture and promote an ethical marketplace where consumers and businesses can prosper.


BBBI depends on the generous support of the consumers and businesses we serve.

For Consumers:

Help us continue to develop and deliver programs, research and tools that teach and protect consumers, as well as enable us to support BBB outreach and education in over 100 communities in North America. Together, we can build the trusted marketplace of tomorrow. DONATE NOW »

For Businesses:

Help us continue to develop, promote, and celebrate ethical business practices that earn consumers’ trust, as well as unmask scams and deceptive advertising that put responsible companies at a disadvantage. Aligning your business with the trusted BBB brand demonstrates your commitment to best practices and responsible business standards. Together, we can build the trusted marketplace of tomorrow. Join the Corporate Trust Roundtable »

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Scam Tracker
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